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Update on My Barn Light Blog

Hey, all!

I know I haven’t been the most consistent blogger on the Web, but I’m still here and I still have plenty to say, at least plenty to talk about when it comes to barn lights. But before we dive in to the topic I have planned for today, let me update you with me and what’s been going on. At the top of the page you will see several additional new page tabs. Click each one to discover more about me, the purpose of this lot of Internet real estate, and why I write about barn lights. First, we have the Home page, now unless you were born yesterday, I’m guessing you probably know what this tab is for. It is for heading on back to all of the bog’s posts; it is the main front of the website. The second tab is the About Dou Dou page. Now, as you probably know, my name is Dou Dou, but most people who know me personally call me DD. Oh, you think it’s a strange name? Don’t ask. Ask my parents if you must ask someone. Click on this tab to know all about me. I will probably be updating this page frequently whenever a new major life event, or milestone comes along that I want to share with you. Let’s be friends. Click on this tab, and get to know me. The third tab is the Contact Me tab––real easy, all you do is fill out the form provided on this page if you have any reason (question, comment, request, etc.) to contact me. I will respond right away. The fourth tab is the Ask Me Anything tab. The purpose of this page is to inform you of the truth I am speaking when I say, you can literally ask me and contact for anything. ANYTHING. That’s right.  Tabs five and six are probably the most boring pages, but they are still necessary. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are necessary items of blogging business that I must get through.

Ooops– I gotta run…I’ll finish this thought on my next blog post.



My New Bathroom Light

So, like I was saying in my previous post. I came across this awesome website, and I am now smitten. Their barn lights are just what I was looking for! They are vintage-y yet new! Like I always say, I love the rustic look, but I am not a fan of antiquated rust and the hassle of dealing with used items. What if they’re haunted or something. You know, when I was growing up in the Midwest back in the 70’s, there was a house in our block that was old and abandoned. It was an old two-story Victorian home that looking back on it now, looks like it might have been a beautiful home at one point. But the roof was caving in on it, and all we kids saw was an old haunted house. Every time we would walk passed it, we would get the chills and run as fast as we could to get away from it.

So anyway, this house was creepy looking, and I think this is where I got the idea instilled in my head that old, used objects are haunted and creepy.  But it doesn’t take away the fact that I love old, classic looking things. So this is why I am absolutely in love with BarnLight Originals. All of their discount bathroom light fixtures have that vintage look without them being actually vintage, and they are made exactly how you order them. I ordered my very first lights from them just last week, and I should be getting them within the next couple of weeks. At first I thought that having to wait three weeks for lights was ridiculous. We live in a time when everything is instantaneous, and if you want something now, you get it now. But then I realized that my light is actually special, and it is made-to-order, and the best part is that all of their products are made in America. So without any further ado, here is the light I bought for my bathroom:

The Mini Yuma Moonshiner Barn Wall Lights

It’s called the Mini Yuma Moonshiner. It measures 6 inches wide, and it’s 6.5 inches high, so I see why they call it a mini, since most of their shades are as big as 27 inches wide. I’m going to place it right above the bathroom mirror. It looks perfect for bathroom lights over mirror but I only bought one, but now that I think about it, I think I should have gotten two. The only problem is I’d have to call my electrician and see if it’s possible. But then again, anything is possible with money–so the problem is the cost really. But first I should first see how a single Moonshiner looks. That sounds funny, doesn’t it? It looks like they have a sense of humor over at BarnLight Originals. And another great thing about them is that they have a very informative blog that I started reading. They talk about anything from government restrictions on lights to the different color finishes they offer. It’s wonderful! I recommend it!


Not So Vintage Lights


Recently I’ve been obsessing over vintage barnlights. As you might already know, I work in the light industry, so I come across my fair share of vintage antique lighting on a daily basis. But the types of lights I work with are usually more on the fancy side like crystal chandeliers, and fancy pendants. To me, these types of lights aren’t really practical. I live in a small three bedroom house smack down in the middle of the suburbs. My husband and two teenage boys wouldn’t be too fond of a house filled with “girly” chandeliers, so I have developed a liking for more practical lights that match my vintage taste. One of my favorite things to do when I am not working, cooking dinner, or taking my two boys to soccer practice, is browsing through thrift shops.

On Saturday mornings, during our regular morning walk, my husband and I will walk through our downtown area that is full of cute little thrift shops that have all types of paraphernalia that I just love browsing through. There is one shop called The Piccadilly that specializes in restoring vintage lights. I love browsing through the narrow aisles and staring up at the beautiful vintage lights hanging everywhere. Now although I love vintage barn lighting, I also would rather buy new lights. I don’t like the idea of having old light fixtures. I feel like they are bound to not work well or cause a short or something. So I always buy my new lights with vintage style. I recently came across a new website that sells loads of vintage style lights. None of their lights are used, which I love, and they are made after classic American vintage light designs.

Classic Schoolhouse Pendant

Classic Schoolhouse Pendant

Vintage-inspired Pendant with Glass Shade.

Madson Cord-Hung Ceiling Light

Rustic Barn Lights Aren’t Just for Barns Anymore

Rustic Barn Lights Aren’t Just for Barns

Rustic Barn Lighting is a decoration aesthetic of sorts. When they hear the term “barn light,” many people tend to think of…well, barns. But in reality, barn lighting refers to light fixtures that originated in barns, but that are now used in various indoor and outdoor applications. In fact, you probably see rustic barn lights on a daily basis, as these are especially popular as commercial lighting. Next time you take a trip to your local outdoor mall, chances are that you’ll be surrounded by a plethoric bunch of barn lights. Many quaint shops like to illuminate their storefronts with gooseneck barn lights. These are carefully mounted above windows, awnings, and entryways to attract customers and make their shops more inviting. Illuminating your business or storefront with any type of lighting is a surefire way to attract wandering eyes, especially at night. So, back to rustic barn lights, what makes this type of style so special?

Indulge in the Ambiance of Rustic Lighting!

Rustic Barn Lights have a certain je ne sais pas aspect that makes them ideal for vintage settings. Homeowners who want their homes to have a cozy ambiance, often combine rustic and vintage design elements to give their home a warm feeling. Unlike modern décor, rustic décor is more home-y and pleasant. Just imagine the difference between sitting in a modern, mostly white room with cold furniture versus sitting in a traditional living room with a cozy fireplace, wooden floor, and comfortable furniture. The difference between modern lights and rustic pendant lights is huge! And at BarnLight Originals, in case you haven’t already noticed, I sort of have a thing for vintage and rustic décor. So, whether you want your rustic barn lights to illuminate your rustic garden or kitchen, there are no limits to the possibilities of rustic décor and lighting.

Rustic Barn Lights Come with a Hefty Price

When you are looking for authentic vintage barn lights, you might run into lots of issues. First, you may not find the exact lights you are looking for. If you are lucky, and after much rummaging through estate sales and thrift shops, you might think you found a great set of lights. And you’ll think to yourself “Wow, these are absolutely lovely!” But the process of buying rustic/vintage barn lights doesn’t end there. Vintage lights means vintage wiring. So, more than likely, you’ll have to have these rewired by a licensed professional. And this means you’ll have to pay quite a hefty price for having a certified electrician handle such delicate pieces. Speaking of delicate, not only will you have to rewire these, many times the shades are oxidized and rusted to the point of being unsafe to use. So just when you think you found yourself a great set of vintage lights, they may simply be unsalvageable.

BarnLight Originals Offers Vintage Lighting Without the Hassle

Avoid the hassle of buying vintage lights by buying lights that have a vintage look. At BarnLight Originals, they have a great selection of vintage-inspired lighting. In other words, many of their shades have a design that mirrors antique shade designs. And not only do they have antique shades, but many of their finishes have a rustic appearance—Rosewood, Aged Brass, Weathered Copper, to name a few. They give you the option of selecting all of your specifications. You choose your shade, size, lamping, and any accessories, and your shades will be manufactured exactly how you want them! So, now that I’ve told you how wonderful these guys are, head on over to their website,, and browse through their great collection of rustic barn lighting.

Rustic Barn Lights - The Tank Top

Rustic Barn Lights – The Tank Top


The Seaside Vessel - Rustic Barn Light

The Seaside Vessel – Rustic Barn Light